Five Point Snacks


People want to help, especially when it comes to veterans. Whether they’re lining parade routes or volunteering at the VA, Americans’ outpouring of support for the troops is everywhere.  But while people want to help, they can’t necessarily afford to give. Times are tough, and the need is great.

What if the answer to helping veterans was as simple as going to the grocery store? What if giving also meant getting?

That’s the premise of Five Point Snacks, a line of great tasting, all-American snacks — potato chips, popcorn, pretzels and cheese crunches — that donates 5¢ from every bag to veteran’s organizations.

The challenges veterans face coming home are often no less daunting than the ones they endured in battle. Aggravating this situation is the fact that the military is ill-equipped to deal with the backlog of payments and services veterans deserve. A simple, snack brand dedicated to supporting veterans–with the support of millions of snackers–could do a world of good for returning soldiers. Not the least of which is helping them achieve a better civilian life.