Networked Insights

Confront the Upfronts

The most advanced social-media research tool for CMO’s and top marketing executives happens to be a well-kept secret. Yet unleashed, Networked Insights’ data helped Samsung identify and exploit Apple’s vulnerabilities and overtake the iPhone. However, CMO’s tend to be an elusive bunch, and marketing to them in large numbers is cost prohibitive.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get CMO’s from the top 50 US advertisers together in the same room? At the same time!

And not at the Super Bowl or the next TED Conference where we’d fight for attention, but at the most outmoded event in the marketing spectrum: The Upfronts. Where TV Networks host advertising’s elite, asking them to place multi-million dollar bets on next season’s shows knowing 65% of them will be cancelled by Christmas.

That event we could own.